Rumour has it | Moto RAZR is coming back with a bang…

So as we all know that Motorola’s most popular phone series was Moto Razor which was first launched back in July 2004. V3 was the first and the most famous model of the series and sold almost 50 million units by the end of July 2006. With almost 130 million units sold in a period of four years, Moto Razr Series holds the record for the best-selling clamshell phone in the world to date.

We all knew that Samsung was working on the foldable screen technology for years and Samsung’s Fold debut showed us what future smartphones could look like. The news is out and the news is good, Motorola is set to relaunch the Moto Razr in 2019. After the launch event of Samsung’s Fold followed by Mate X and so on , this clearly indicates that all tech giants are focusing on foldable phones next,

The folks at XDA developers have produced some info on features that may be coming to the new RAZR foldable smartphone. As expected the new Moto Razr is set to come with a secondary touch-sensitive display, but it won’t give access to all android features instead apps like Moto Display, Moto Actions, and Moto Camera will be the default apps. XDA developers also stated that when unfolded the secondary display will act as a trackpad to scroll webpages.

I guess this is plenty of information to get us excited about the future of Razr Phones and we can’t wait for the official announcement. I think foldable phones are going to be the next big thing, what do you think? Feel free to comment down below…

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