Apple might replace its ubiquitous lighting connector in 2019.

So reportedly Apple has been working on a new connector for iPhone. Apple is not sentimental, whether people like it or not if the company wants to make a move on it simply cuts ties with the pasts. Some famous examples can be: moving from the 30 dock connector to the 8 pin lighting connector and eliminating the headphone jack from the iPhones.

According to Patently Apple, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a pair of Apple patent applications which change the shape of its ubiquitous Lighting Connector. So the lighting connector has been the standard port for charging iPhone, iPads and iPods since the introduction of iPhone 5 in the year 2015 and is being used by billions of devices at the very moment. 

The main idea or aim behind both the parents is to increase Apple’s devices resistance to water. The patents show Apple’s concern on how the water-resistant iPhones still be exposed to water damage if they get wet while charging.  The connector would address this by changing to a wedge shape which will create a tight vacuum seal.

Unplugging your device will become more complex as this will require breaking the tight vacuum seal. Something apple proses to do with their software interface. 

So, it goes without saying that anything that can improve the durability of an expensive piece of equipment should be welcomed but, there might be some significant problem as well.

Okay, so your device may get safer from spills while charging but neither the device, the cable or you are safer if you trip over it. 

So don’t panic. Apple has been working on the Q1 connector side 2017 , so the development may be more advanced than we know, but there’ no proof at the moment that the iPhone lighting port is going anywhere anytime soon. 

So my personally speaking if I were Apple, I’d scrape off these changes, but then again I’m not apple and doing the unexpected has served them better than anyone in the past decade. 

5 Baseus lighting cables that you might want to buy.

  • Baseus X-shaped Light Cable For iPhone – The Cable is one of a kind and the best ever cable Baseus has ever produced. The cable comes equipped with a smart chipset that’s present inside the lightning connector which indicates the charging status of the phone with the help of a X shaped LED light present on the head of the cable. This 1-meter cable is covered with Polyester Woven Fabric which makes it well insulated, The connectors are coated with zinc metal which gives it a premium feel. It supports fast-charging when plugged to a fast charging wall adapter, check out the series of 3.0 AMP Fast Chargers by Baseus. There are three different variants available and as expected the cables are reasonably priced.

  • Baseus AntiLa MFi Certified Lightning Cable For iPhone – This MFI certified cable is one of a kind. Comes in two variants (Grey & Gold), it has a premium feel attached to it. The cable is certified by Apple which is a good sign in the first place, nylon has been used to cover up the cable and the joints are enforced together very tightly with Baseus’s new manufacturing technology. It is one meter long and the comes with 6 months of warranty.

  • Baseus 5 in1 Multi-Functional Cable – Well if you are into tech and carry a lot of different devices with different charging input ports. Don’t look any further, this is the perfect cable you. It has all 3 connectors Lighting / Type-C / Micro. This super cool cable can also be used as an OTG connector for a Type-C device giving the user the power to connect an external USB device to his/her phone or tablet. This cable also gives iPhone users to take the full advantage of super high-speed data transfers from MacBook to iPhone which can only be done via a USB Type-C to Lightning cable.

  • Baseus New Era Storage Lightning 90CM Data Cable – So this isn’t going to be your cable for daily use. It’s something that you might want to carry if you are travelling. This 90 Cm cable comes with auto retraction technology which and has a hard outer shell. It is super compact and would save you from all the hassle of tangled cables. The normal cable,  if not stored safely in the luggage then they are prone to higher risk of getting damaged. If you are a frequent traveller then this might be the right iPhone cable for you.

  • Baseus Shining Cable with Jet Metal for iPhone – This is one of the highest selling cables by Baseus. The lightning connector head comes has a LED light which makes it super easy to find the cable in the dark. The LED light only lights once it starts receiving power from the main source. We’ve all been there when we plugged our iPhone’s to the cable at night and forgot to turn on the main power supply. This cable comes in 5 exciting colours all 1 M in length. It supports fast charging and the material used to cover up the cable is high quality braided nylon which also prevents tangling.

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